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In collaboration with Chaotic Neutral

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"Lurking somewhere outside of all reasonable human understanding is the Baba Yaga, a creature so foul even the most noble of beings fear its name."

The Tale of the Baba Yaga is a retelling of a world-famous Russian folk story.

Lurking somewhere deep in the Temna Forest is the Baba Yaga, a creature so foul, even the most noble of beings fear its name.

In surrounding towns, the villagers grew up on campfire stories of the grotesque and murderous nature of this loathsome creature. One thing is clear, stray too far into its forest kingdom and you never return.

 One day Natasha, an orphaned girl, is sent into the Forest by her evil stepmother, with only a doll for protection. Before long, she stumbles into the witch’s grasp and is taken on a magical journey of revelation, redemption and re-discovery.

Using storytelling, puppetry, and audience interaction we delve into the mystical legend of the Baba Yaga, where live music and spoken Russian language reveals the truth behind the myth of, The Baba Yaga. 

The tale of the Baba Yaga, runs at approximately 1 hour, has simple set and technical requirements and is ideally suited to small scale venues, school halls, centres and theatre festivals. The tale of the Baba Yaga, with its is suitable for audiences of families and young people aged 4-10

A collaboration between Strange Futures and Chaotic Neutral Theatre Company.

Writing - Emma Bourke

Directed - Matthew Simmonds

Movement - Matthew Simmonds

Puppetry - William Moore

Shadow Puppetry - Emma Bourke and William Moore

Dramaturgy - Jane George and Steve Boffy

Technical design - Matthew Simmonds

Set/prop construction - William Moore

Produced as a Comission for Beeline Storytelling Festival

With Support from, Beeline Storytelling Festival, The University of Worcester, The Hive Worcester

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