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"Exquisite noodling"

Ed Collier, China Plate

It’s ridiculous, painful, generous. But why are they in boxes?

There’s Something Missing is a funny, physical and thought-provoking exploration of being male, here and now. Two men perform a show within two wooden boxes – dancing, singing and talking about dying bees, daughters and darkness. Think Waiting for Godot meets The IT Crowd.

They sit surrounded by darkness: one drifting in and out of another world, the other wrapping himself up in irrelevant pedantic details. They ask: “What is it that you see, that I don’t?” 

There’s Something Missing is designed to play in intimate spaces, with a minimal scenographic and technical set-up. The show lasts just over an hour and is appropriate for adults and young people aged 15+.


Created By Strange Futures

Directed by Matthew Simmonds, William Moore

Dramaturgy and mentorship by Jane George

Dramaturgy by Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas

Lighting design and technical consultant Pete Coxhead

Set design by Ben Hughes

Funding and support :-

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