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Last Restaurant

A Postcode Lottery Project

Made With Members of the Malvern community, of all ages!


Created By Strange Futures

Jane George - Writer/Director

Matthew Simmonds - Writer/Director/Chef

William Moore - Writer/Director/Matre D'

Alex Lake - Waiter 1

Mollie Guilfoyle - Waiter 2

Writers, Performing waiters, and Development by-

Margaret Adkins, Will Husbands, Eliza Thompson, Jacob Ireland, Ciara Jones, Freddie Barker, Amelia oung, Chantel Taylor, Rose Wilson & Strange Futures

Animations by -

Charley Radford, A.Jurca, L.Lajtai, M.Copsey, L.Gonzalez Guerro, I.Pedrosa Delindro FOntes, N.Green,N.Mumford, C.Oliveira Da SIlva, A.Celosia, M.To

With the help of year 4,5,6 pupils at St Mathias Primary School

Technical and Lighting design by -

Ben Hughes, with Pete Coxhead

And All the help and support from Nicola, Collin, Chris, and all the team at Malvern Cube community and arts centre

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The Last Restaurant, was a unique performance event for just 30 people at a time  Malvern Cube. Re-creating a sensory and surreal restaurant at the end of the world, where all consumable things on earth has been consumed and there was no more food, but people still attended restaurants for the community ritual of being together and sharing time and space.

Blending live performance, clowning, stories, digital animation and gentle audience participation (but only if you choose to engage with it!), The Last Restaurant brought together the quirky performance skills of Strange Futures Theatre Company with the creativity of local writers, performers, and the work of young people from St Matthias Primary School in collaboration with animation students from the University of Worcester, to provide “food for thought” about the relationship between food, stories and the landscape.

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